• Visual Journaling Through Self Portraiture

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    Visual Journaling Through Self Portraiture with Hannah B Photography.

    Join Hannah as she explains visual journaling, how your emotions can be portrayed and immortalised in imagery, and how it can help you heal and grow. Hannah will talk about how her self portraits have helped her to accept her ...

  • Expressions of the Creative Within

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    Join award winning artist Emma Wood in a journey to uncovering your unique creative potential. Go behind the scenes with Emma as she shows you how you can create museum worthy art in and around your own home with simple set ups. Watch Emma edit to achieve beautiful painterly images and hear how s...

  • Making Art with Painterly Photographs

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    Making Art with Painterly Photographs with Diana Hagues

    Diana will walk through how she sets up to make freelensed photographs using techniques that show how she shoots macro photography to wide environmental scenes, working with challenging light and movement, both indoors and outside. She'll s...

  • Find Your Way Home

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    Find Your Way Home with Sarah Mason

    Have you sometimes felt a disconnect between the photos and films you create in your personal work, and the ones you create for your clients? In this workshop, Sarah will encourage you to look for that spark that ignites your love for visual storytelling. For ...

  • Slay Your Selfies

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    Slay Your Selfies: Self Portraits with Chinelle Rojas

    Walk through a self portrait session with Chinelle from concept to creation, you will learn the tips and tricks that she personally uses to create share-worthy self portraits that you can be proud of and be encouraged to take the leap and pra...

  • The Magic of Multiples

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    The Magic of Multiples: Multiple Exposure with Zoe Wittering

    Zoë is going to talk you through how she started creating multiple exposures and the thought process behind the images (for those that have already watched her tutorial on Making Mindful Mini Films you may not be too surprised to disco...

  • Art that Heals

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    Art that Heals: Creative Composites with Sue Sonnenberg

    You're invited on a journey with Sue from concept to creation as she creates unique art designed around her client's heartfelt stories. Sue is a firm believer in the healing powers of art. She shares how her concepts are developed around th...

  • An Introduction to Food Styling and Photography

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    In this class, food stylist and photographer Clare Coleman will show you how to use backdrops, props, lighting techniques and tricks of the trade to turn simple ingredients into captivating food images.

  • Becoming a Storyteller

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    Go behind the scenes with multi-award winning photographer Rashida Keenan as she guides you through storytelling, editing, settings, lighting and more. This class is perfect for those who work in family photography or are looking for inspiration for photographing their own children.

  • Imaginative & Contrasting Client Work

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    Join award winning artist and successful business owner Adri De La Cruz in being inspired to remain true to yourself, your voice and your vision whilst attracting clients who love what you do. Go behind the scenes, watch Adri edit and learn to trust your unique artistic instincts.

  • Becoming Youer Than You

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    In this class Lisha takes you on a heartfelt journey in discovering your unique artistic voice. With behind the scenes footage, beautiful lessons in creativity and shooting intuitively, you’re sure to be inspired.

  • The Wonder Years

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    Join Lindsay Saunders as she speaks from the heart about what inspires her unique and beautiful work. Go behind the scenes with Lindsay as she explains her process and approach for creating magical and nostalgic images of childhood, watch Lindsay edit and gain an insight into how she uses colour ...

  • Editing Magic

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    Andrea will take you through her entire editing process from start to finish - learn how to manipulate colour, light and even create composites for magical images of childhood.

  • Cultivating Creativity

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    An introduction to self-portraiture - go behind the scenes with LeAnna as she shows you how to create self-portraits including set up, technique, finding inspiration, equipment, lighting and nailing focus.

  • Making Mindful Mini Films

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    Whether you're new to film-making or looking for inspiration, Zoe will take you through her process for creating beautiful, mindful mini-films in and around your own home.

  • Pay to Play

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    Are you baffled by Facebook ads? Do you wish you knew how to make them work for your photography business so you could reach your ideal clients? Julie has got you covered in this 2.5 hour long tutorial for running successful Facebook ads!

  • Branding for Photographers

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    Learn how to use Canva to create beautiful branding for your photography business so you can start attracting your ideal clients. Understand how colour, fonts and layout all contribute to the feel of your brand and start reaching clients who love what you do. Branding has never been easier!

  • For the Love of the Photograph, at Home

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    Remain creative and seek out new ways of seeing and capturing light, colour and details around your home with two incredible artists.

  • Multiple Exposure

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    Multiple exposure with Laura Wood (Canon 5D Mark 3)

    Join Laura in this tutorial as she takes you through creating in camera multiple exposures to combine an image of her child with flowers. Laura takes yo through each step from camera set up, behind the scenes through to editing in Lightroom and...